Stephanie Small

 Owner/Cheerleading Coach

Steph's love for cheerleading started back when she was around 11 years old. She took gymnastics since the age of 6, but just needed something more. After Steph started competitive cheer she never stopped, she lived and breathed for Allstar cheer. She has traveled to many competitions and has many titles under my belt. After Steph graduated she went to college for medical coding, meanwhile teaching tumbling at a local dance studio. It later turned into her owning her own gym at the age of 21. Steph started with just 20 kids at Xtreme and now Xtreme has grown to approximately 80 cheerleaders/dancers. She is living her dream. Steph's gym has surpassed all her expectations. Her gym is just one of her accomplishments, her other love is being a wife and a mother of two beautiful children Brayden and Brynlee.  Stephanie is USASF certified  in Level 1-4 in both stunting and tumbling. She also holds certifications in heat illness prevention, sports concussion and sudden cardiac arrest. She is also a Varsity University Graduate.

Karin Vasil

Cheerleading Coach

Cheer has been in Karin's life since she can remember. Karin grew up in a cheer household with her mom as the local cheer coach for nearly 25 years. She cheered under her advisement at Northern Cambria High School for 6 years. Those years included being on one of the only three squads to ever place at state finals from their school. Karin moved on to attend Duquesne University and made their cheer squad.During that process she learned a lot about cheer and decided ultimately academics were a bigger priority. She left cheer behind but not for long. She graduated from Saint Francis University with a Bachelors degree in nursing and worked as a registered nurse and worked as a labor and delivery nurse for 12 years.  She now substitutes as a school nurse at Northern Cambria School district where she is also the Varsity Cheer coach. Karin is married to Mike and a mom of 4 kids Benjamin, Mara, Meghan and Lainey. While coaching she loves to watch kids grow and perfect a routine they once thought was way to difficult. Karin has a passion for combining cheer and  the big lessons in life of commitment, sacrifice, and perseverance. Karin is USASF certified in Level 1-3 in stunting,  She holds certifications in heat illness prevention, sports concession and sudden cardiac arrest. She is also a Varsity University Graduate.
~No lesson in life is ever learned the easy way! It will always be through trial and tribulation. You will never celebrate a success and say “wow that was easy!”

Nikki Wannett

Cheerleading Coach


Rob Boyles

Cheerleading and Tumbling Coach

Rob Boyles has worked in the cheer industry since 2001. Cheerleading is his passion and he always strives to be the best.
Rob is well-known for his attention to detail and his focus on technique. He strives to work with each athlete individually and identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to help each member of the team perform to the best of their ability. 
Rob has experience in every aspect of the cheer industry and has worked with athletes and teams at every level. He is an accomplished level 1-6 cheer, tumbling coach and choreographer, and has choreographed routines for all star, high school and college teams. Rob’s coaching and choreography titles include multiple State, National and Grand National titles Cheersport, NCA, UCA as well as Summit and Worlds titles.


              Derek Dingler

         Cheerleading and Tumbling Coach

My career started 13 years ago at a small D2 gym in SC.  After a few years I moved to Dallas to chase higher goals.  As an athlete at CA I cheered on Cheetahs for 2 years and won both Worlds and NCA twice as a Swooshcat alone with coaching many NCA Champion Teams along with many Summit finalist teams.  I moved to pittsburgh for a change of pace and coached up here for 2 seasons.  I love to focus on technique and a strong foundation and have a passion for helping kids find their strengths.



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