I absolutely love this gym. From the first time I brought Karly to see what it was about we felt welcomed. When she walked into this gym 7 years ago she had no clue what she was doing... but wow how far Steph has brought her. She has been a State Champion, National Champion and a Grand Champion on winning teams in both Allstar and Hip Hop. Xtreme is more than just an Allstar cheerleading gym that creates champions. We ARE a family. I love that in this gym, each team is important, and we are not compared to each other. When we compete, everyone supports the team that is on stage like they are the only team in the gym! Xtreme is definitely one of a kind and I honestly cannot picture my daughter at any other gym.                                                                                                  ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM,ONE FAMILY!!                                                                                                                                                                                         ~ Trish Shakespeare
Xtreme Cheer Allstars